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Welcome to a place where East meets West. Dr Bobbi has merged the ancient techniques of Chinese medicine with her knowledge of

Evaluating a Patient

Evaluating a Patient

Western Medicine to heal thousands of clients with hundreds of different ailments. She shares her healing stories, provides guidance to those seeking good health, and can even do online consultations. Dr Bobbi also does amazing voluntary work at the Bumi Sehat Birthing Centre helping thousands of woman at one of the most precious times of their lives.


Doctor Bobbi’s one on one sessions can really work magic on you, your physical and energetic body and overall health with sometimes feeling instant results! Bobbi has helped over tens of thousands of clients with the magic of her touch. Using acupuncture, and many other methods that she has in her tool belt – she will quickly assess how she can help and get right to work. If you are feeling off, low in energy, emotionally drained, have physical ailments – Doctor Bobbi can help! Click here to Book your session today


With the amazing technology of Skype and Email, Doctor Bobbi is able to deliver her healing’s to you around the world. People travel from around the world to receive the healing support of Doctor Bobbi and now she is available to book online sessions. Now you have no excuses to utilise the knowledge, experience and magic of Doctor Bobbi! Click here to Book your ONLINE session


Bumi Sehat

Bumi Sehat


Doctor Bobbi volunteers at the amazing Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic, helping hundreds of Indonesian women with their health through pregnancy and beyond.